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Who Are We?

Pastor David has been involved in ministry for many years. Throughout all of his ministry experience, one common thread is found, his heart for unity in the body of Christ. If asked why a heart for unity, his answer will be The Cross. The message of the cross is sometimes forgotten. Jesus came and died on a cross that we may be One with the Father and with each other. David feels strongly that when the body unites, regardless of cultural backgrounds, denominations or affiliations and especially regardless of what building you worship in, revival happens. He believes in the full manifestation of the power of God through the Holy Spirit and believes that the gifts of the Spirit are in operation today. David & Patty, his wife, have three beautiful girls named Abigail, Alexandra, & Samantha who are a living testimony of the power of God. When the medical field said to look into other alternatives for childbearing, God said, “I am able!”

You may hear David mention many times, “What does the Bible say about that?” He believes that the Bible is the written word of God and that the answer to almost everything that comes before us is found in it. He also believes that family must come first and that is a major component of his ministry. Pastor David believes that everything that you do either preaches the Gospel or detracts from it. This is why he always talks about living a lifestyle of worship. Your life and all that you do in it is your greatest worship to God.

Worship Without Walls, 3W Church, was birthed out of these beliefs. The vision of 3W is to equip the body of Christ to lead a lifestyle of worship that will cause change. We believe that we are living in the time that John 4 talks about, a time where God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. We are all about taking it outside the walls. What is it? It is the love, power and grace of God. At 3W Church we will encourage you to be the church, not just be a part of a church.

Pastor David & 3W Church are under the covering of Pastor Joel Stockstill. Pastor Joel Stockstill has been a prophetic voice for believers young and old across the nation for many years. The Lord has given Joel a unique message to the Body of Christ that reaches beyond age, nationality, and cultural barriers. Many pastors and youth pastors seek Joel’s insight in the areas of leadership strategy, youth ministry, and spiritual understanding. He desires to see the church focus on the message of the Cross, holiness, and the principles found in the book of Acts that caused the early church to explode in revival and growth.